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The Centrio News, formerly known as The Centrio Times, an all-in-1 indie news network, has stood for authoritative information and commentary. We at the Centrio News [] aims to provide the best quality news that matter to “more” readers or potential regulars and to give them an easy reading experience without losing any important information. From entertainment, current events, technology, sports and as well as regional news, our awesome and knowledgeable team will deliver the best articles and news that are not only shareable, but also worth reading and enjoyable.

We’ll also try to be more neutral (in politics) and in sensitive issues, though we cannot promise a thorough coverage of a current event, mainly because we’ll try to avoid articles that are not our “forte.”

Here at The Centrio News, we believe that popular news matter to more people, but apart from just delivering news, the content should also be delivered in a more “interesting” (not boring) way. We are working with Global Media Partners, and will assist and serve to reduce the gap between the east and the west.

The Centrio News Team:

Remar Dungca – Editor in Chief
Always looking for something new to learn, Remar looks at the internet as one massive playground. With him at the helm, The Centrio News continues to head in the right direction of providing high quality and unbiased news information on the latest entertainment and sports news.
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Zed Liwanag – Executive Editor
Edison is a jack of all trades. Not only is he an executive editor and collaborates on many stories here at Centrio News, but he also does artwork and handles the running of the website on a daily basis. We’re not sure what we would do without Edison, especially on those days when we have a great scoop and our servers can’t handle the influx of traffic.
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Kurt Smith – Senior Editor
Kurt customizes is one of the well known DJs in Reno. Jumping between Reno and Henderson (and we’re pretty sure he had a Nissan Skyline in there somewhere), Kurt provide in-depth electronics reviews.
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Ashley Kutcher – Staff Writer
Ashley, the cosplayer in the team, spends the day sifting through press releases from all the major brand’s PR agencies. From the most ridiculous announcements to those you really want to know more about, Ash makes it a point to skim through as many daily as possible so you won’t have to.
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Lianne Mendoza – Staff Writer
Lian is the lady of the hour at the Centrio News head quarters, as she provide the latest news happening in the Hollywood showbiz industry. It’s always interesting to read about the crazy gossips we have here in Nevada that just don’t get as much publicity as they warrant.
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Martha Kings – Contributing Writer
The latest addition to our team, Bien, the marketing student at the Duke University, and will continue to take up Bachelor of Laws after she graduated Bachelor of Science in Marketing in Duke. She will give us the latest scoop on the business sectors here in the Nevada. She is also our insider reporter from house of congress and upper house.
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