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Apple’s iPhone X has a new and more affordable Sharp’s Aquos R Compact

The Sharp Aquos R Compact is an Android 8.1 Oreo midrange smartphone. It has an Apple’s iPhone X-esque design with the prominent notch on the topmost screen.

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Sharp Aquos Compact R Apple iPhone X display design

Apple’s current flagship iPhone X may not be featuring a very slim bezels similar the competing rivals from the Android ecosystem like that of the Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 but it’s still has a very attractive aesthetic design however. The only point at issue so far is that if you want to purchase the iPhone X, you will need to shell out a thousand dollar from you savings. Or even if you have the funds of the money isn’t your problem, still, you may not be able to secure an iPhone X unit during the launch because of the limited supply. Lucky you if you get one. So, good luck.

Meanwhile, you can now get some of the bezel-less hype with that notch on the top of the screen of the iPhone X without shelling out a four figure from your bank, thanks to the Japanese multinational corporation — Sharp.

Sharp P stylized as SHARP — has been in the glare of publicity recently for making a considerably great appearing of smartphones with bezel-less screen display designs and the manufacturer have now ventured to bring this new design trend to the the wild with the SHARP Aquos R Compact smartphone. The handset phone has a manufacturer suggested retail price tag of $372, the smartphone has an aesthetic design quire similar to that of the iPhone X including the notch at the top of the latter.
The SHARP Aquos R Compact has tiny roundy notch at the very top of the front that houses the selfie camera. The main difference is that there’s no cutting-edge 3D facial recognition rivaling technology situated at the very top. Additionally, the device has a notably thick bottom chin with a home button that also accommodates the fingerprint biometric sensor.

Specification side, the Sharp Aquos R Compact handset unit in between the low- and mid-end range smartphone with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core system-on-chip processor sitting at the very core of it, which is paired by 3GB worth of RAM alongside a 32GB of internal storage. The narrow-bezel screen has a 4.9-inch LCP display with Full HD+ resolution and the prominent notch you notice above the front panel is an eight-megapixel camera. There’s also a whopping 16.4MP shooter on the rear. The device will be shipped an Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, which is a plus factor. The main disadvantage of this phone is that it has a relatively smaller 2500mAh battery, but thanks to the Quick Charging 3.0 handset supports fast charging.

While it may not have public attention to details on par with Apple’s very own flagship iPhone X, it’s definitely a good device for those consumers who are looking to get a fancy advanced screen display at the price of feature-rich midrange handset.