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Black Friday 2018 TV deals – All you need to know before buying TV set

Complete Black Friday 2018 guide on how you can make sure you get the best TV deals at low prices and avoid knockoff derivatives.

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Wise shoppers simply know that the right timing is the formula in Black Friday 2018 to get the best tech deals. This coming Black Friday, consumers expect to find huge savings on tech deals — most especially on TV sets — but price tags doesn’t tell the overall story. Sure, Black Friday is indeed the best time this 2018 to score a deal on a new television set as major discount retailers compete against each other to lure you during the long run up to Cyber Monday.

According to Consumer Reports, the new models of TVs are being released every year in the spring season and their original retail pricing begins to dwindle quickly, per Deirdre Kennedy of the retail market research firm GAP Intelligence. However, the television prices usually drop in the month of October, and then even more aggressively by the moment Black Friday 2018 arrives around the corner. This is the great time of the year for shoppers to upgrade their TV set.

However, you will need someone know how to track down the best deal at a great price on a TV you desire without getting puzzled or deceived by the tsunami of sales that take place on Black Friday 2018. Almost all chain retailers offer bunch of discounts in all variety of products during the Black Friday, but they don’t make their sales simple to unearth.

Cheap TV deals to expect from Black Friday 2018

Those surreal deals and doorbusters you always spotted during the Black Friday are generally available only in limited supplies. Those deals may stir you to head to a certain brick-and-mortar stores or a retailer’s online store, and by the time you get there, the supplies often dry up immediately. That said, most of the shoppers won’t be able to take advantage of those doorbuster deals.

If you’re unsuccessful to take home one of those heavily-discounted TV sets, you will still be able to root out a great deal that are hidden around the corner. To calm you down, most of those TV are very unadorned models from non-brand name that could leave you feeling disappointed. For an instance, in 2017 we spotted a 39-inch Element and 55-inch Westinghouse TV sets for only $125 and $250, respectively. Those are indeed temptingly low prices, but from those generic brands basically haven’t fared well enough as compared to the other TV sets during the run of Black Friday last year.

TV deals to avoid on Black Friday 2018

You will also see cheap TVs manufactured certainly for a sole retailer and just for Black Friday, and this 2018 is no different. These TVs are called “derivative knockoff” in the home appliance business because they’re similar to the established production models they sell all year but with different model numbers and often fewer features. For example, these knockoff TVs may have fewer HDMI inputs or come with a cheaper remote controller or use lower quality parts.

The Consumer Reports is advising the public you see a too-good-to-be-true TV deal, it could be because it’s been cranked out in a limited run just for Black Friday. They can virtually increase the price and blow up the discount because there’s technically no retail price history for that certain, since it’s brand new. It’s a tactics formulate by OEMs in convergence with the retailers that makes it quite harder for consumers to calculate direct price comparisons because they’re not going to find that exact identical model anywhere else.

Moreover, it also helps big box chains as they have to step up their price-matching guarantees. Nearly all of these price-match promotions are limited to the exact same model numbers. Should you can’t compare that exact same model, retailers don’t have to match the price from rivals.

Because these derivative models debut during the Black Friday and are new to the marketplace, you can’t find reviews – not even a single one — about them. So it’s is completely difficult to find out what features it does or does not have — and how it compares to the non-derivative models.

Mid-tier Black Friday 2018 TV deals

Shoppers will see mid-range TV sets during the run of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, both of holiday shopping sales events take place right after Thanksgiving Day. But in the previous years, there were a handful of deep discounts on rich feature televisions from premium brand names.


GAP Intelligence - all TVs in chart are 2017 55-inch models

GAP Intelligence via Consumer Report

Last year, prices of LG OLED TVs significantly dropped by as much as 40 percent from original prices, per GAP Intelligence. Meaning, means shoppers hunting down for a top-tier TV might find one at a great discounts this Black Friday 2018.

Shopping online has its advantages as it makes it easier to compare the retail price tags and can keep you out from frenzied mobs. Braving to a location store allows shippers to really see in they eyes what they’re purchasing and provides instant fulfillment when you bring your brand new TV to your home.

Top-tier Black Friday 2018 TV deals

A deep discount on a premium can make you shell out around $1,500 or even more. Even if suits with yours allotted budget to upgrade your aging set, you will know it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run.
Larger displays usually tend to take a bigger portion of your hard-earned money. The prices for TVs in the 55- to 65-inch size category have significantly dropped during the Black Friday. You can still dish out a whopping $3,000 or more for a future-proof 65-inch TV, but there are also a number of models in that size range that deliver a gratifying experience for $800 or less.