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Crash Landing on You Finale Ending Takeaways: Watch CLOY Episode 16 Online

The ending of Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Finale revealed!

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Crash Landing on You Season Finale Ending explained- Watch Episode 16 Recap

TVN’s romantic comedy drama “Crash Landing on You” has now wrapped up but what does the finale mean for the K-Drama?

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The South Korean rom-com Crash Landing on You Episode 16 finale was released on February 16th.

Crash Landing on You tells the love story of a South Korean elite woman, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), as she crash lands in the North Korean soil following a paragliding accident due to unexpected tornado.

Basically, being in the North Korea is not safe for outsiders but the lead female star comes across a handsome North Korean army, Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin), who find ways to helps her to get home to the other side of the peninsula.

Along the way, the lead stars began to care for each other and ultimately fell with each other, in spite the currently shape between their two nations.

The ending of Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Finale

The final scene of Crash Landing on You sees Yoon Se-ri embark on a two-week vacation to Switzerland to seek for Ri Jeong-hyu, leaving her business commitments behind.

Yoon Se-ri decided to back in South Korea as she was unsuccessful to be reunited with her love of her life. Se-ri didn’t loose hope, she came back to Switzerland. In there, she paraglide and lands on Jeong-hyu’s feet and they were reunited again with an intimate kissing scene.

After falling in love on their adventures earlier, it’s clear that the couple can’t live with each other in the Korean peninsula due to an ongoing dispute between the two territories.

All 16 episodes of Crash Landing on You are available to stream online on Netflix. —