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Google Pixel 2 XL launch event October 4 Google Pixel 2 XL launch event October 4


Pixel 2 XL Release Date: Here’s what to expect in Google hardware event

The headliners in Google’s special media launch event are probably the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL flagship smartphones that will compete with Apple iPhone 8.

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We are just a couple of days from the Google’s biggest hardware product launch event as it all will be unveiled on Wednesday, October 4. We already have an idea about what will be announced in San Francisco, including the latest iteration Pixel smartphones and a number of huge upgrades as compared to the original ones, alongside some notable hardware products.

Here’s a are the products that we can expect when the Mountain View-headquartered technology giant company takes the center stage in San Francisco on 4th:

Pixel 2 XL

The headliners in Google’s special media event are probably the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL flagship smartphones, the successors to the refreshed smartphone line (after the Nexus) that the search mammoth designed itself, which it released on the same day in 2016. Looking by the tech firm’s first venture to design a smartphone in-house, the next iteration should be a very exciting set of of handsets.

The larger among the two, the Google Pixel 2 XL, is supposed to be a huge deal and stands out against the smaller one, in a number of ways.

Unlike the last year’s flagship, Alphabet’s subsidiary will make the Pixel 2 XL more compelling with a number of improvements over the smaller sibling, including a attractive form-factor design with significantly slimmer bezels on the sides as well as on the bottom and top. The Pixel 2 XL purportedly equipped with a Quad-HD display, and both front and back camera systems will sport an optical image stabilization (OIS). The Velvetiere also reports that the bigger Pixel 2 will have an electronic sim slot, as well s IP67 dust and water resistance certification and the latest and tougher Gorilla Glass 5 for the screen display. Moreover, the device may also include “squeezable” sides that would let the owner to press in while holding the handset phone to make an actions, including launching camera or Google Assistant.

Pixel 2

The Pixel 2, on the other hand, the smaller phone will have a lot of the same key specifications under the hood, but the rumors and speculations suggests to have a larger bezels, and t will have the same display as to the last year’s instead of QHD. Additionally, the Pixel 2 also won’t get the same wide color gamut of the Pixel 2 XL.

[agg-ad id=”5121″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”5122″ align=”center”]Both handset phones sound like they should be exciting and should compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The very first smartphones from the search engine also had one of the best camera snappers in the market. Google should improve the last year’s camera on the Pixel, so expect this smartphones to win honors in that regard and go head-to-head with the recently-launched iPhone 8 and 8 Plus on camera quality as well as Galaxy Note 8’s.


One of the more interesting reports from the rumor mill about the Google hardware event is the a reinstatement of the Google’s top-end Pixel Chromebook laptop computer. We have already heard that a premium laptop dubbed as Pixelbook is in the works, with a retail price tag more in line with the entry-level Apple MacBooks than with most Chromebook machines. The new laptop will come with a stylus accessory but we’re not sure whether it’s included in the box or you will need to purchase it separately.

The Pixelbook has been confirmed in a set of leaked images, and looks to have a flip around screen display for full tablet conversion. There are a number of rumors that the stylus pen will retail for around $100 separately.

A ChromeOS operating system-powered Pixelbook that sells for over $1,000 will not probably to be a hot seller – the aging ChromeOS that only runs web apps has come a long way over the years without key upgrades. However, the come back of the top-of-the-line Google-designed Chromebook could help revitalize the boring ecosystem and skyrocket ideas, and we were actually a huge fan of the original Chromebook Pixel hardware form factor design, so we at the Centrio News’ tech team are excited have a hands-on and how this machine compares to the competition.

Google Home Mini

This year has been a smart voice assistant so far, with Apple joining Google, Amazon and among others and is committed to release HomePod. The e-commerce giant Amazon recently launched a whole bunch of new Alexa and Echo smart home speakers. The search giant’s jump to follow the wave with a key updates to Home, the Google Assistant-powered smart speaker it first appeared at the I/O last year and started selling in earlier this year.

We have already heard a number of rumors and seen leaked images that there could be a miniature version of Google Home, to directly compete and burn Amazon’s more affordable Echo Dot at round the $50 price mark. Furthermore, there are speculations that Google could also be introducing a larger and more premium models. Should there’s a single thing Home could use, it’s a device with a better sound – most especially with Apple’s Siri-powered HomePod on the line and set for a released by the end of 2017.

Daydream View VR

The virtual reality is something the Mountain View made right into its last Pixel smartphones, and the Android mobile operating system the company shipped with. A new report suggests that the company will be releasing a refreshed Daydream VR headset with a number of key improvements, and costs a bit higher that the predecessor.

Google has a plethora of hardware product research and developments going on, and this year’s special media event is the tech giant’s massive chance to issue an updates on progress since the I/O in June 2017. We are expecting to see and hear a lot more apart from the hardware we’ve mentioned above. Some of the things we are expecting from Google itself includes the next update on its Assistant and its works to other hardware products, and among others.

We will be live from the Google’s launch event on October 4th starting at 12 NN ET / 9 AM PT, so stay tune in here for all the news updates.