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Facebook app’s lightweight version ‘Lite’ for iPhone gradually rolling out in developing markets

The social media king has finally released ‘Facebook Lite’ for iOS devices in Turkish App Store.

Ronald Delos Santos



Facebook app's lightweight version 'Lite' for iOS gradually rolling out in developing markets

The iPhone users in Turkey can now download Facebook Lite from Turkish App Store and install it on their phones.

The lightweight version of Facebook app has been available for Android mobile OS since way back in 2015. However, the Facebook Lite was only available in a number of developing markets. This year though, the social networking company finally made it available the United States, the United Kingdom, and other key developed markets as well as on emerging markets. Now, the Facebook Lite is ready to make its primetime in iOS too.

The Facebook Lite app for iOS mobile platform running Apple devices — that includes iPhone and iPad — is currently only available in Turkey (Turkish App Store). So the gradual rollout appears to be echoing the strategy that has implemented on Android. That said, the developing markets will be able access the app first, emerging markets and developed markets possibly at some later time.

Thus, if you are residing the United States and UK and tired of the big inflated disarray that Facebook’s standard app for iOS has turn in to, you might have to patiently wait a little longer. But perhaps the Facebook Lite substitute will be readily available globally in the near future.

Facebook Lite is much lightweight in size than its standard equivalent of the app at just 5MB on iOS. The trimmed-down app is optimized for slower or phaseout iPhone models that don’t have the processing capacity of flagship smartphones Additionally, it also eats significantly less of batter juice, RAM and data. That said, the latter one is basically much more vital feature in developing markets where faster and cheap mobile data subscription aren’t as universal. Consequently, the power-efficient Facebook Lite release starting in such countries and territories does make a bit of point.