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Henderson nears terminating moratorium on recreational marijuana sales

The Henderson is on the verge on selling of legalized recreational marijuana.

Ronald Delos Santos



Henderson Legalizing recreational Marijuana

Henderson, NV — The Henderson is on the verge on selling of legalized recreational marijuana after city officials on Tuesday, September 12, endorsed ordinances days prior to the expiration of the 7-month moratorium.

The Henderson City Council elected 3-2 to nominate an ordinance to establish retail marijuana regulations and licenses. John Marz and Dan Stewart, members of the Henderson City Council in Nevada representing Ward III and IV respectively, voted against the aforementioned ordinance.

“Marijuana was legalized in Nevada nine months ago by the voters in our state,” the City of Henderson Mayor Debra March said in a press statement. “It is our responsibility to ensure the industry is regulated to our gold standard of doing business in the city of Henderson. Tonight we took the first steps in approving a process that will work for both residents and businesses.”

Back in February, the Henderson City Council adopted a six-month embargo on issuing recreational marijuana retail licenses. The suspension was extended another month in August and will expire on Thursday, September 14.

It will cost the for current medical marijuana operators roughly $71,000 to obtain recreational marijuana licenses, said Henderson city business operations manager Michael Cathcart.

Moreover, zoning regulations were also settled, which require cultivation facilities, dispensaries, infusion manufacturing and independent testing laboratories to be at least 300 feet away from community facilities and 1,000 feet at a distance from educational institutions, public parks as well as playgrounds.

The City of Henderson already has distributed seven licenses for medical marijuana facilities, including five dispensaries, and permit for each cultivation and production facility and one cultivation facility. According to Nevada State law, only currently licensed medical marijuana business possessors are eligible to apply for a license to sell recreational marijuana.

Retail selling of recreational marijuana in in the city could start as early as in October, the Henderson City spokesman David Cherry stated.

Jeremy Aguero, a chief analyst with Applied Analysis, said the city could earn as much as $5.3 million in retail marijuana taxes by 2021. He also added that around 750 new jobs could be generated by the recreational marijuana industry.

Many residents in the city have some thoughts about the legal sale of recreational marijuana during the public meeting in the city hall, citing tax revenue going toward public schools and the an affirmative medical and health benefits of the cannabis.

“When I was younger, I used to love the high that I would get, but when you bought it from someone, you never knew if it was laced with something,” said Jan Landy, city resident. “Now at least people will be safe.”

Acting Police Chief Todd Peters said 33 DUI arrests were recorded in July, with nine directly tied to marijuana. In August there were 54 DUI arrests with 10 related to marijuana, he said.