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Henderson neighbors take a stand against commercial establishments construction

The City of Henderson will meet to deliberate whether or not to grant an authorization to erect the pub and gas station on August 1.

Edz Clarkson



Henderson construction near Kelso Dunes and Gibson Avenue tavern and gas station

Henderson, NV — A number of brick-and-mortar stores may begin their construction soon behind a Henderson woman’s home.

The woman named Michelle, who requested not to reveal her last name, but she said the neighborhood has consistently been ideal and she ranted and raved regarding her friendly neighbors.

“It has a very community feel to it,” Michelle stated. “We know the neighbors on each side.”

However, the neighborhood near the Kelso Dunes and Gibson Avenue is proximate to a corner area that is stretched for a profit-oriented commercial use, so everyone who bought real estate properties nearby might have known it was a matter of time in advance of something was constructed.

Not long ago, Michelle said she found out a pub could be built in the empty piece of ground.

“It will be literally in my backyard,” Michelle added.

Where the neighborhood boundary ends, the construction would start and that is where a bar and fuel station could possibly end up.

For some neighbors like Mary Ke, the idea of having a commercial establishments nearby including a tavern is pretty cool.

“It could be easier for some people who like to drink to walk home … instead of having to drive,” Ke said.

Ke believes that the physical stores that close could make their life much easier, and they’re already surrounded by other commercial premises.

“You can have your own mini grocery store over there,” Ke added. She is living down the street not directly in front of the proposed location for commercial use, unlike Michelle does.

“Now I’m concerned about having to possibly put security in the backyard, because of the tavern and an all night gas station,” Michelle stated.

Amongst the concerns of Michelle were blaring lights and noisy surroundings, even if construction crews would be installing low level lighting.

“The auto dealership is supposed to have low level lighting,” Michelle said. “I can see those lights through my second story window very plainly at night.”

Michelle added that she’s also not too excited about the Gas Station’s 24-hour service, much like other similar areas.

The City of Henderson has already zoned the location for commercial use so that part is a done deal. However, the city officials said nothing has been approved just yet, and there is a lot of things to be considered, including neighborhood concerns.

The City of Henderson will meet to deliberate whether or not to grant an authorization to construct the pub and petrol station on August 1.