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City of Henderson Improve Its Cybersecurity

Henderson is using a Department of Homeland Security grant to augment the city’s cybersecurity program.

Ronald Delos Santos



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HENDERSON, NV. (CMN) – The City of Henderson is using a Department of Homeland Security grant to augment the city’s cybersecurity program by enhancing the monitoring of its presence on the internet and the darknet, according to news release.

The city has strategies in place to prevent hacking and procedures that can be activated if a cyber-attack occurs, but another part of the overall cybersecurity program is monitoring the city’s footprint on the internet and darknet – a part of the internet used for criminal activity – to identify risk factors.

“Cybersecurity is just as important for local governments as it is for businesses. We are taking proactive steps to ensure the city is protected,” said City of Henderson Chief Information Officer Laura Fucci, who serves as director of the city’s Department of Information Technology. “The City of Henderson is always on the forefront of technology and with that comes the need to protect the city’s and our customers’ data.”

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The city used the $63,000 Department of Homeland Security grant to purchase a security service that will monitor for any city activity on the internet or on the darknet, as well as monitor the activity of city vendors or partners. The city is extending the monitoring service to vendors and partners as those businesses often handle customer data.

The city will also be enhancing its ability to track changes made to its data. This will help identify unusual behavior which could be a sign of hacking activities.

Fucci is also reminding all residents, especially parents, to make sure to take precautions when using the internet and to safeguard their personal information. Her recommendations include:

— Lock your device when you’re not using it. Use a strong password, pin or biometric lock to secure your device.

— Don’t broadcast your location. Location or geo-tagging features on social networks are not the safest feature to activate. You could be telling a stalker exactly where to find you or telling a thief that you are not home.

— Enable your privacy settings on social networks so you can limit what you share with whom.

— Don’t overshare. Be mindful of the content you post online and the potential consequences it could have later.