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Henderson voted to extend moratorium on recreational pot, medical use isn’t included

Edz Clarkson



Henderson Dispensaries

A number of consumers hoping to score recreational marijuana in Henderson, Nevada will have to wait for at least another month after the Henderson City Council unanimously voted to extend an embargo on the product until September.

The postponement, which fends off the Henderson City’s five licensed week dispensaries from selling the plant for recreational use. Moreover, it also prevents over a number of combined cultivation, testing and production facilities from operating in the recreational marijuana market. The medical marijuana sales are not affected by the embargo.

“We’ve been working on regulations for several months now and we feel like we’re almost there,” Henderson City Councilwoman Gerri Schroder said. “We just need a little more time.”

Henderson City Council

The city council of Henderson on February 7 voted for a six-month suspension that would have expired on Sunday, after initially considering a yearlong ban on recreational marijuana as early as January. On Tuesday’s vote will extend the moratorium to September 7 and will be consider the pros and cons further at the Henderson city council’s meeting on September 5.

The state of Nevada legalized up to one ounce of weed flower or one-eighth ounce of the tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) equivalent of concentrates for recreational use and possession of marijuana on January 1 following the progress of previous November’s Ballot Question 2. While the recreational sales of the marijuana started on July 1 after a temporary regulations from the Nevada Department of Taxation and the state legislature department were given go signal earlier this year.

 Henderson voted to extend moratorium on recreational pot, medical use aren’t included

Amongst the provisions talked over at Tuesday’s meeting, the Henderson Mayor Debra March said that the town would consider permitting recreational dispensaries to stay open for 24 hours, which is currently allowed only in North Las Vegas City. The Henderson Police Chief Todd Peters cited that longer operating hours of dispensaries could help prevent a recent chain of robberies of marijuana facilities.

The Henderson Police Chief said that twelve marijuana facilities have been broken into since the start of the year.

“Longer hours would be better for security — it’s worth a discussion.” Peters said. “The burglaries tend to take place after business hours.”

Owners of marijuana dispensaries in Henderson City met on Tuesday’s ruling with an overall favorable reaction. Andrew Jolley, president of the Nevada Dispensary Association and owner of Henderson-based The+Source dispensary, said he was “satisfied” that the Henderson city is in the process of making ordinances to allow retail sales.