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Huawei secures another Southeast Asian telco for 5G network deployment

Maxis will use Huawei equipment in its 5G network rollout and the nation’s Prime Minister was present in the formal signing ceremony.

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Huawei wins another Southeast Asian telco Maxis for 5G rollout

Malaysian wireless mobile carrier Maxis will be using Huawei telecommunications equipment in its 5G network deployment and the nation’s Prime Minister was present in the signing ceremony.

Huawei Technologies formally inked a ceremonial agreement with Maxis, one of the major telco in Malaysia, to provide 5G telecommunications equipment, services and expertise to help build 5G network. After getting banned from bidding and taking part in a number of first-world countries, the favorable moment in Malaysia is considered as a big opportunity for Huawei. It is consider as a win for the Chinese firm despite cybersecurity frets from Western countries.

Huawei, which has perpetually contradicted accusations that its equipment represent a national security imperil, caught itself in-between of a much larger trade war between the United States and China.

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Despite the lingering premonitions around cybersecurity from United States and its ally countries including Japan, United Kingdom and Australia, which have all restrained the Chinese tech company from engaging in their 5G networks, Maxis stays optimistic regarding its partnership with Huawei.

Maxis CEO Gokhan Ogut made reference to Huawei as their company’s “long-term partner.”

The Malaysian national government has yet to announced the 5G-compatible spectrum, but Maxis is geared up to deploy it. Moreover, Maxis understands the need to upgrade its existing 4G LTE network to make it 5G-ready.

Ogut said Malaysians can expect initial commercial roll out of its 5G network by the end of 2020 after the government hand over the required spectrum.

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Earlier this year, Philippines’ leading wireless carrier Globe Telecom launched its Huawei Technologies-backed 5G network and services, despite growing cybersecurity concerns related to the Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor.

The United States had repeatedly warned ally nations that the fifth-generation wireless communications equipment could be exploited by the Chinese government for spying should it supplied by Huawei, which the later strongly denies.

Globe hired an independent security firms “to ensure that our security protocols are up to date, to make sure privacy and security issues are addressed,” Globe’s chief commercial officer Alberto de Larrazabal said.