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iPhone XS Release Date: Apple to out three models including iPhone XS Plus in gold colorway

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus release date is taking place on 12 September with pre-orders will likely open two days later.

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iPhone XS Release Date- Apple to out three models including iPhone XS Plus in gold color variant

The next big announcement of Apple is the 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus and it is just around the corner and more and more details is continuously to leak.

It appears like the new iPhone will be marketed as “iPhone XS” – pronounced 10 S, to define that this cycle’s range is an internal upgrade on the last year’s iPhone X handset.

The name XS, also pronounced “excess”, could comparably indicate that the 2018 iPhone is going to be a expensive one.

In September 2017, the iPhone X shattered the records by being retailed at $1,000, that’s for just the base model, while the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available for $999.99 for 128GB and $1,249.99 for 512GB, meaning significantly expensive smartphones are the present that something we’re just going to get used to.

Here’s what else we know so far about the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus release.

Three iPhones for 2018

We are now pretty sure that there will be three different models of iPhone released on 12 September, 2018, at Apple’s annual launch event: two handsets in the name of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, with OLED displays, and a cheaper phones with an LCD panel.

The difference between the two screen displays is that OLED panels are brighter and the contrast is much higher as compared to the LCD, offering a better immersive experience than the latter. However, OLED panels are more steep to manufacture, so the iPhone XS and the XS Plus will be pricey.

In terms of the iPhone XS, there will be a 5.8-inch display, which is a bit larger than the current iPhone X, and an iPhone XS Plus sporting a 6.5-inch screen — which is quite bigger than the current iPhone 8 Plus which is just 6.3-inches. This will be one of the biggest recognized phones in the wild.

The cheaper among the three, with the LCD display, comes with 6.1-inches display, so smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus but significantly bigger than the iPhone X.

The farewell of TouchID

Apple’s 2018 iPhones will cue the termination of TouchID, with all smartphones boosting the tech company’s proprietary TrueDepth camera system widely known as FaceID recognition technology.

That means the physical home button on the new iPhone is out – with the TrueDepth camera’s facial recognition technology will be the only way you can unlock your handset.

What appears to be missing on the new iPhones is an under-display fingerprint sensor. The Cupertino-headquartered technology company has recently filed a patent application for its own proprietary technology for a screen-based fingerprint reader, instead of utilizing it to the back of the handset like OnePlus or Samsung. It’s a humiliation the trillion-dollar company hasn’t been able to equip the technology ready for this new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus release.

As for the aesthetic design, all three iPhones will features an edge-to-edge display with a small steel frame wrapping around the glass.

iPhone XS and X Plus comes in new colorway

According to recently leaked press images first posted by 9to5Mac, the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will come in a gold color variant.

Whilst the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 smartphones had their own gold colorways, the last year’s iPhone X was only available in silver and space grey aluminum color variants, with Apple reportedly dismissing the idea of releasing a gold models.

iPhone XS,  iPhone XS Plus release date

As for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus release date along side the LCD-equipped cheaper variant, the launch event of the three new iPhones is taking place on 12th of September 2018, which means pre-orders will likely open a couple of days later on 14 September.

Back in 2017, there were some hiccups in getting the iPhone X to mainstream market, with Apple waiting nearly six weeks before the pre-orders were available for the new premium smartphone.

Hopefully this year, things will be a quite smoother with fans able to get their hands on the new Apple iPhones by the end of September.