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iPhone XS, XS Max, XC Release Date: Analyst Projects New iPhones Could Cost More Than iPhone X

This year’s new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max could be the most expensive releases even the most affordable 6.1″ XC or XR might come with a whopping price tag.

Edison Tongol



Analyst Suggests Apple's iPhone XS, XS Max, XC Releases Could Be The Most Expensive To Date

Apart from well-crafted products and revolutionary designs, Apple is widely known for expensive hardware. But as the new iPhone release date approaches, a number of industry analyst predictions suggested an even more expensive iPhone XS, Max and XC (or XR) lineup for 2018, in spite the existence of the pocket-friendly model.

Apple’s forthcoming flagships alongside a budget smartphone has been projected to be slightly pricier as compared to the current iterations. According to a leak from ever reliable notorious smartphone leaker Ben Geskin, the 5.8-inch OLED-equipped “iPhone XS” will set you back a $100 more than last year’s 8 Plus. But the significantly biggest price upsurges will come from the expected 512GB storage options of the “iPhone XS” and 6.5-inch “iPhone XS Max” that could be offered with record-high manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) tag.

That said, the two OLED models have been rumored to adopt all the aspects of an iPhone X — but comes with a new 7-nanometer A12 SoC chipset designed to increase the computing power while alleviating the energy demands as well as a more storage capacity than any Apple handset prior to them. However, with great features and specs plus high capacity ROM, these smartphones will come at a pricey cost. The highest tier storage of iPhone XS and the XS Max could cost a whopping $1,199 and $1,299, respectively. If the new rumor is to be believed, these will be Apple’s most expensive iDevices to date, trumping out the 256GB iPhone X, which sells for $1,149.
iPhone XS, Max, XC lineup 2018SEPT13
Even the much awaited budget handset from the Cupertino tech giant for the price-conscious masses isn’t all that much of a value for your hard-earned money. Sure that the $699 iPhone XC (or XR) might seem a steal next to these jaw-dropping prices, but it’s the Cupertino-based company’s ploy of price anchoring. It’s still a big leap forward in price from the entry-level iPhone SE, which released for just $399 back in 2016, and put the affordability first over the specs sheet.


Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max will be catered for the power-users, while the budget XC or XR will be retailed as a cheaper iPhone X, and likely releases later in the year than its premium siblings. In terms of spec sheet, the XC (or XR) will cut its manufacturing costs with a much cheaper LCD screen display and a cheaper aluminum chassis.
2018 iPhone XS, XS MAX and 9 XC Price List for EU/US
Meanwhile, the XS and XS Max will be shipped with a fancier OLED panels and stainless steel frames. Additionally, higher-end premium flagships will boasts the same capacity of ROM as some of the laptops as well as the next-gen A12 chipset.


A separate projection of Wamsi Mohan, a Senior Equity Research Analyst at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, claimed that these new features might come at even more expensive prices. Mohan sees the base models of iPhone XS and XS Max will start at $999 and $1049 respectively. While the more affordable 6.1-inch “XC (or 9 or XR)” will have a base MSRP of $799 in the United States. Mohan also added that this jump in price point will be driven by the increase of overall display size across the trio.

“iPhone pricing is likely higher than embedded in consensus,” he wrote in a note to the investors reported by the CNBC. “Although investor expectations are for some moderation in pricing for 2019 models, we expect Apple to continue to price the iPhones for value, which should drive upside to consensus estimates,” Mohan added.

So brace your pockets, it appears that this year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max even the cheapest model iPhone XC (XR or 9) will be more expensive the the mast year’s lineup.