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Jony Ive spells out how Apple iPhone X took half decade to build

Apple’s iPhone X, which ia set to hit the market in November 3rd, took half a decade to develop, said Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive.

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Jony Ive spells out how Apple iPhone X took half decade to build

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X flagship smartphone, which which is scheduled to officially be released in the marketplaces in November, was five years in the making, the technology company’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive said on Friday, October 6th.

The iPhone X’s new radically unorthodox form-factor design, which completely removes the conventional physical home button in favor of an all-screen display that takes up almost all the entire front panel of the handset device, was the outcome of a research and development process and full of failures, Jony Ive said during an onstage interview at this year’s New Yorker TechFest conference.

“I mean, the phone we just announced a couple of weeks ago, the iPhone X, that technology is something we’d been working on for five years. And we had prototypes that were this big,” Johny Ive said, either referring to the iPhone X impressive design and its new 3d facial recognition security feature, Face ID.

One question that Johny Ive was asked by David Remnick was about the new and more advanced technologies the Apple’s Chief Design Officer really dreams about.

[agg-ad id=”5121″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”5122″ align=”center”]But Ive didn’t answered that question, and did not spill any hint regarding upcoming products from Apple, or even his interest in new technologies like augmented reality and among others.

“There are so many opportunities around displays, opportunities as silicon has become smaller and more efficient, computational power is extraordinary, some of the allowances, some of the opportunities are extraordinary,” Ive added.