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Crash Landing On You Episode 11 Preview: 2 Key Takeaways In The tvN’s Hit Series

As Netflix’s hit Korean drama “Crash Landing on You” moves into its second half, here are some of the takeaways you can expect to see in the upcoming episodes.

Ronald Delos Santos



Key Takeaways In The 2nd Half Of tvN’s Hit Series 'Crash Landing On You'

We’re already halfway through the K-Drama series “Crash Landing On You” (사랑의 불시착) starring actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, and things appears to be escalating for the star couple.

With only 6 episodes left until the “Crash Landing On You” wraps up, episode 11 and 12 are slated to premiere on Netflix and TVN this coming weekend on first and second of February. Here are a couple things fans can expect to develop.

North Korean Ri Jung Hyuk crash lands into Southerner Yoon Se Ri’s world

In the first half of the “Crash Landing On You” series, Yoon Se Ri found herself in neighboring country North Korea after her parasailing accident due to a tornado. Now that Se Ri’s life is in danget, North Korean soldier Ri Jung Hyuk is risking his dignity and life once again to save the woman he love the most. It will be interesting to see how Jung Hyuk make an adjustments to the lifestyle in South Korea.

New Setting: From Pyongyang to Soul

Through “Crash Landing On You”, spectators have been given a perspective of the massive difference between the North and South Korea. As the plot untangled, fans get to see should the the unit and Jung Man Bok will be able to succeed in their mission handed them by Ri Jung Hyuk’s father.

Plus, we are hoping this isn’t the end of the curious auntie villagers that Se Ri befriended in the North Korean military village. Will the special force division return to their homeland or start a new chapter in Land of the Morning Calm?