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Kuo claims Apple iPhone X’s overwhelming demand will only be adressed in early 2018

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone X will not be readily available until the 2018 due to production issue relating to TrueDepth Camera System components.

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Kuo claims iPhone X's overwhelming demand will only meet in 2018

Apple has already introduced the 10th anniversary premium flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, to the public last month. The iPhone X was unveiled back in September 12, with Apple will start taking pre-orders on October 27 and ships on November 3rd. However, there is still a continuous production issues with the $1000 handset phone and will probably leave most of the prospect buyers without the iPhone X until 2018, according to a new note by Ming-Chi Kuo, the ever reliable analysts from KGI Securities.

In a note obtained by The Velvetiere, the analysts transmits that the critically acclaimed iPhone X will not be out in the market this year as it will take the Cupertino-based company some time to really increase the model’s production to meet the overwhelming demand.

Apple iPhone X TrueDepth Camera System

The great news, however, is that the world’s most valuable company in terms of market capital has reportedly directed any remaining production matters linking to the iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera System feature. Apple purportedly stumbled on some speed wallops with the TrueDepth Camera System component due to the intricacy of the supplies required. With that point of issue apparently been settled, Kuo claims that the iPhone maker in 2018 will produce around 245 – 250 million units of the iPhone X, upped from the roughly 220 million iPhone units the analyst believes Apple will sell this 2017.

[agg-ad id=”5121″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”5122″ align=”center”]Meanwhile, the iPhone sales figure are constantly going stronger, fairly speaking. Though an immerse in iPhone sales is to be anticipated given the mass of loyal Apple fanbase who are holding out for the official release of the iPhone X in the wild, KGI Securities analyst notes that the huge demand for the iPhone 8 Plus has been skyrocketing than expected. So while some pundits have pinpointed to weak iPhone 8 sales as a manifestation of frailty, Kuo preserves that the overall iPhone 8 demand is where it must be.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s note writes in part:

The market generally refers to 2017 as the super cycle of the iPhone, but we think the real super cycle will be in 2018 for the following reasons:

TrueDepth Camera’s production issues will be significantly addressed in 2018.

The new models launched in 2018F will enjoy a longer sales period than those unveiled in 2017.

And the product mix, specifications and designs of new iPhone models from 2018F will be more competitive

Kuo suggested that once the iPhone X’s production issues are all resolved in the fourth quarter of the year, the shipments will “pick up strongly” in the first half of next year.

Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone X on October 27 and will hit the shelves on November 3rd. The iPhone X will be available in 64GB and 256GB storage configurations starting at $999. The iPhone X sports with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge Super Retina OLED display.

As every time, the sales figures will judge for itself and we will have a better hold on iPhone X demand when the pre-orders starts later this October.