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McCarran unveils new state-of-the-art automated security system

Edz Clarkson



McCarran International Airport launches new automated security system

[mkdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”red” background_color=””]A[/mkdf_dropcaps]n automated security screening system launches on Thursday, August 31st, at the Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is objected at processing an airline passengers 20 to 30 percent more faster than the procedure currently implemented at most airports.

Three security lanes were redesigned with the state-of-the-art equipment inside the Terminal 3 of McCarran International Airport, but the blueprints are underway to slowly but surely implement the new automated security screening system throughout the United States’ eighth-busiest international airport.

“It is a phenomenal improvement and something that we hope will work and be expanded to serve other customers in other areas of the airport in the near future,” McCarran International Airport spokesman Chris Jones said.

Each new automated security screening area is equipped with three lanes that allow a number of passengers to simultaneously place their properties into a pair of oversized containers.

The objective is to let experienced airline passengers move fast through the procedure without having to wait for slower queue line, while the inexperienced passengers who might hold up the line, according to officials with the Transportation Security Administration.

Passengers should place all their things — even hand-carry-on luggage and bags — into the container, which are 25 percent larger than standard crate and equipped with radio-frequency chipset. A camera shooter snaps photographs of every bins placed on a conveyor belt leading to the X-ray machine.

“It’s an automation occurrence, which means we have 100 percent clarity that we have the right bag,” said Steve Karoly, the Transportation Security Administration’s acting assistant administrator for the Office of Requirements and Capabilities Analysis.

McCarran International Airport is the sixth air terminal to implement the automated security screening system after airports in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles (LAX). It will also be inaugurated in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in September, while negotiations are underway between the Transportation Security Administration and the airport officials in Dallas and Seattle.

“This is great. It’s new to us, but it’s not leading-edge technology, because it’s been in Europe for the last five years,” Karoly said. “But we are looking at a systemwide perspective of aviation security.”

The automated screening system is among a number of security measures deliberated by the Transportation Security Administration’s innovation task force.

There will also be a new security cameras that will provide better coverage at the airport. The new set of security cameras will soon keep an eye on almost every nook and cranny at the McCarran International Airport.

The surveillance cameras capable of rotating 360 degrees will replace the existing systems of telescoping cameras, the McCarran airport spokesman said.

Airport officials have budgeted $16 million for the surveillance security system, but the final quotation has not yet been determined. Moreover, part of the cost will be provided by a $9 million grant from the TSA.