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NBA Trade News: LeBron James signing with Lakers may influence Klay Thompson’s decision in joining Los Angeles

Now that LeBron James is playing for Lakers, it might affects Golden State Warriors’s Klay Thompson decision in moving to Los Angeles next summer.

Ronald Delos Santos



NBA Trade News: LeBron James moved to LA Lakers may affect Klay Thompson's decision in joining Los Angeles

The Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson has been associated with a blockbuster NBA trade move to the Los Angeles Lakers and play with LeBron James.

And despite declaring that Klay wants to be with the Warriors for his entire NBA career, Klay’s father has recently said that he should move closer to his hometown – in Los Angeles.

Mychal Thompson, a two-time NBA champion during his five season stints with the Lakers from 1987 to 1991, thinks his son would be fine with taking a back seat to LeBron James, who moved from Cleveland Cavaliers to Lakers during the free agency period last summer.

“If Klay came to L.A., which he should, then he knows he is going to slot in behind LeBron,” said Mychal Thompson.

“But it is fine because he has done it before , it is not a big deal,” Klay Thompson’s father added.

But the three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson reiterates he would be happy being with the Warriors for his entire professional basketball career.

“I’ve said it many times before: I would like to be a Warrior for life,” Thompson told Bay Area News Group.

“Contract negotiations are way down the line… But I think we all have the same interest. I would love to be here for the rest of my career.”

Meanwhile, LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers just made the Western Conference even more strenuous than it’s already been in the past seasons. The Warriors have won the west in each of the last four playoffs, facing the Eastern Conference Finals champions James and the Cavaliers in each of those NBA Finals appearances. With James departure from the Cavs, its now easier for the other teams from the east to make it to the Finals.

Any James movement will entirely change the NBA course for the forthcoming 2018-19 NBA season, but the 14-time All-Star’s decision to move to Purple and Gold team could have consequences for the next summer.

The 2019 free agency period is going to be incredibly intense, and for some of the top free agents like Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson, James’ shadow could make them their change directions away from going to City of Angels — at least according to Mychal Thompson.

While Mychal may want Klay to head down the I-5 to continue the family legacy in the forum blue and gold, it doesn’t make a lot of sense thing for Thompson to leave the Warriors who can offer him more money and long-term contracts.