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Netflix Hit Series Money Heist Season 4 Will Release on April 3, 2020: Will Nairobi Return to La Casa De Papel S4?

Netflix hit series Money Heist is set to return to the screen with Season 4 on April 3, 2020.

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Netflix Hit Series Money Heist Season 4 Will Release on April 3, 2020- Will Nairobi Return?.

Money Heist “La Casa De Papel” is a striking and highly rated Spanish television heist crime drama series created by Álex Pina. It is one of the most popular series on Netflix with 44 million unique views. So when is the release date of Money Heist season 4? Money Heist season 4 is schedule to arrive on on April 4, 2020. The season 3 was released on July 19, 2019, and we still have more than a month to wait to finally watch the season 4.

In the initial first two seasons, we saw mind-boggling twist and heist plans. We saw “The Professor” and his crew being forced to return with 984 million Euro banknotes that they printed in the Royal Mint of Spain. In the third season, we saw each crew member enjoyed their shares in the heist. The group were reunited and trying to save their their youngest crew member. We can expect that the plot and storyline of Money Heist Season 4 and make safe arguments.

Netflix already released a video teaser with a hints pointing to the return of Tokyo played by Ursula Corbero, and The Professor played by Alvaro Morte as well as Lisbon by Itziar Ituno, Rio, and among other cast members. The trailer suggests that at all these main characters will return to the screen. The destiny of Nairobi and the death of Berlin was still a mystery in the most recent season, and they could still re-appear in Season 4. Sure, there will be shocking surprises.

The season 3 wrapped off with a number of cliff-hangers, including The Professor believing his girlfriend Lisbon was shot dead by the Europol. We also witnessed the fate of Nairobi that was shot by an assassin while she was standing at the window to see her son outside the Bank of Spain. Apart from those, we don’t have much information about how the season 4 will run but we can expect thrilling twists.

In the season 4 of the Money Heist, we will see the crew attempt to escape the Bank of Spain without the fear of being seize by the Europol who are surrounding them 24/7. We just hope that Nairobi will be alive in Season 4 as she is one of the most beloved character in the crime drama.