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New Legacy Golf Club landowners want to meet with HOA officials

New Legacy Golf Club owners are reaching out to HOA board members to set a meeting in late July or early August to deliberate project proposals.

Ronald Delos Santos



Legacy Golf Club Henderson City

The new landowners of the Legacy Golf Club are hoping to meet soon with the officials from homeowner associations (HOAs) representing the neighborhoods surrounding the said real estate property, a spokeswoman said on Thursday, July 6.

Elizabeth Trosper, the spokeswoman for the new landowners of the aforementioned golf course, said that her camp are reaching out to board members of HOAs to set a meeting in late July or early August to talk over the project ideas for the now-shuttered Legacy Golf Club.

“Community outreach is the most important thing we’re doing right now,” Trosper said.

The Par Excellence Drive Trust LLC closed on its purchase of the 177-acre real estate property, located at 130 Par Excellence Drive, on Monday, July 3. The new landowners of the Legacy Golf Club shut down the clubhouse and course on Tuesday, July 4.

On Wednesday, July 5, Elizabeth Trosper emailed a press statement to The Centrio News that read in part:

“Effective July 4, 2017, The Legacy Golf Club was sold to a consortium of local businessmen, who immediately closed the golf course and club house due to massive financial losses, increased operating costs and declining revenue over the past several years … It is their intent to create a planned use development that will be enjoyed by neighboring homeowners and provides uses that enhance the viability of the location.”

James Woods, the president of the Pinehurst Property Owners Association, claimed that many neighbors have concerns regarding their property values dropping rapidly should residential development transpires.

“We want the golf course to stay the way it is,” James Woods said.

Meanwhile, David Cherry, a spokesman for the city of Henderson, said that there is no applications had been submitted to the city for any proposed development where the Legacy Golf Club currently sits.

“The permits from the City of Henderson for this property are all tied to the golf course,” the city of Henderson spokesperson said in a press statement on Thursday, July 6.

“We are aware that there is a restriction on the deed for the Legacy Golf Club property that specifies it may only be developed or improved as a golf course. City ordinances also require that landscaping be maintained up to code and we will continue to enforce these policies to ensure compliance by the property owners.”

A source with knowledge of the real estate property’s sale said that the new ownership includes Eddie Haddad and Brown & Brown insurance executive vice president Georges Maalouf.