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New video of Apple’s iPhone X in silver colorway emerges online

A new video clip of a silver colorway iPhone X in the wild materializes online.

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iPhone X in the wild 2017 reddit

The pre-orders for Apple’s much-awaited iPhone X is just around the corner and it will finally kicks off this coming Friday, October 27th, with shipping scheduled to commence just a week later, November 3. With the Apple’s iPhone X release now less than a couple of weeks away, the general public are starting to see more photographs and video clips of Apple’s first $1000 premium smartphone out online. Most notably, a 10-second video uploaded to Reddit over the weekend showing a silver colorway of an iPhone X in all its adoration.

The near bezel-less edge-to-edge OLED screen — which the Cupertino tech giant calls it Super Retina Display — looks stunningly beautiful, but the video is also noteworthy to watch because it gives us an idea what a third-party app looks like with the controversial notch design of the iPhone X — and in this case Instagram app. To be honestly fair, APpple’s iPhone X’s notch on the uppermost of the front panel appears like an scar on the beautiful display of the device in the video here, but we’ve heard from a number notes that it’s far less irritating when using the handset as opposed to looking at photos and videos of it.

The Instagram user interface appears quite a little unrefined, but it stands to a mere fact that it will be far less of a problem once third-party app developers update their respective apps suitably.

As a number of Redditors commented:

I have been making iPhone apps for 8 years now. Testing my app on iPhone X produces a handful of problems in Portrait and about a million problems in Landscape.

Even if you do everything exactly as Apple wants, there’s going to be issues. The API to handle the notch “correctly” (safe area) is new in iOS 11. There’s no way to have preemptively written to support it. Readable layout guides get you some of the way there, but only in landscape and not really.

Day 1 iPhone X users are in for problems in most apps.

Thank you. We’ve coded Halide, our camera app, completely with auto layout. It completely conforms to Apple’s ‘way of doing things’ – we still need to do work to get the UI looking right for the X.

Most apps that use standard, system-provided UI elements like navigation bars, tables, and collections automatically adapt to the device’s new form factor..
Even my own app that I did not optimize for iPhone X has space on the top (automatically) because I used Apple’s UINavigationBar and did not give it any hardcoded values for space.

With all that being said, seeing as how the Apple iPhone X marks the first radical redesign to its smartphone line’s design since way back in 2014 (iPhone 6 ans 6 Plus), it’s a safe to say that early birds will happily experience a few developing discomforts using the iPhone X with its edgeless OLED display.