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North Las Vegas asserts pot business ownership information are private

North Las Vegas denied a request for who owns the marijuana businesses in the city, claiming that the names and ownership interests of the marijuana businesses are not public documents.

Ronald Delos Santos




Have you ever think to own a marijuana business but you don’t want anyone to know? Great news for you! Opening up a pot shop in North Las Vegas got you covered.

The city government of North Las Vegas denied a Centrio News request for who owns the marijuana businesses in the city, claiming that the names and ownership interests of the marijuana businesses in North Las Vegas are not public documents.

That means that the general public cannot know who is profiting from the 52 recreational marijuana dispensaries, cultivation centers and production facilities operating in North Las Vegas.

Knowing who has a huge stake in marijuana market could bring to light political or business interests amongst owners, said Barry Smith, executive director of the Nevada Press Association.

Pot businesses in Clark County, Nevada.

Pot businesses in Clark County, Nevada.

“It’s in the public’s interest to know if those conflicts exist,” Smith said.

Ownership stake for other state license bearers, like gaming or liquor, are considered public. So the court’s decision, according to Smith, is puzzling and is inexplicable.

“It’s very much out of the ordinary to protect the names of license holders,” Smith added.

The city government of North Las Vegas cited a state of Nevada Supreme Court opinion issued on Thursday, August 3 — the same day the city denied the records request.

That opinion holds back from a 2015 lawsuit filed by the Reno Gazette-Journal against the city of Sparks. The Sparks city granted access to the business licenses for marijuana business companies, with the names redacted for security or legal purposes.

The newspaper, which is owned by Gannett Company, Inc., sued and won in district court. But the Nevada state Supreme Court said that the law allows local government units can keep ownership information for marijuana businesses private.

Senator Tick Segerblom checks out marijuana before being the first customer to purchase recreational marijuana at Reef Dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom, who was instrumental in crafting the language of the law, said that the confidentiality included in those laws was intended to protect the medical marijuana patients and doctors, and not business owners.

“It was never intentional to keep the name of the actual owner private,” Segerblom said.

The city of North Las Vegas’ withholding to disclose the names of the marijuana business owners is an evident contrast to its Southern Nevada neighbors.

Both Las Vegas and Clark County require recreational marijuana companies to disclose the names of all individuals with more than 5 percent ownership stake when applying for a license. Meanwhile, the city of Henderson recently extended a temporary ban on issuing recreational marijuana business licenses.


Lil Wayne Cancels Las Vegas Gig After Suffering Multiple Seizures

Lil Wayne has been rushed to the hospital who suffers seizures and his show in Las Vegas has been canceled.

Ofelia Adamson



Lil Wayne Seizure 2017

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., popularly known as Lil Wayne, has been rushed to the hospital who suffers seizures. And his concert in Las Vegas isn’t looking good.

American hip hop recording artist Lil Wayne was rushed to he Northwestern Memorial hospital in Chicago early on Monday, September 3, due to seizures. Wayne was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Westin in Michigan Avenue.

Multiple sources claims that the New Orleans banging rapper had at least one seizure at the Westin hotel and a second once occur when he in arrived in the hospital. By late afternoon, the American rapper’s camp attempted to have him discharged but his physician’s advised against it.

So why the urgency to get Wayne discharge from the hospital? The Grammy Award winner has a one-night only show scheduled at Drais Beachclub in Las Vegas, Nevada by midnight. Lil Wayne, 34, was slated to perform alongside Rae Sremmurd. So, it’s likely that Wayne is still be in medical center as of writing and this would basically compromise the show. Additionally, Wayne has suffered seizures due to frequent flying in the past and the medical practitioner did not want to take the risk in order to get him to his Sin City live performance.

As many know, Lil Wayne is battling with epilepsy and this medical condition has been a lifelong struggle for the rapper. In June last year, Wayne experience a seizure during a flight and refused for an immediate treatment. Then, just a month later after the June seizure episode occur, he experience another one just minutes before he was scheduled to go on the center stage. But the most frightening seizure happened way back in 2013 when he was admitted ICU (intensive care unit) following a multiple seizures. At the time, sources close to the rapper said that Wayne consumed a large amount “Sizzurp,” a codeine and cough syrup-based drink, prior to the incident. Later on, Wayne revealed that the seizures scared him enough to make some massive changes in his lifestyle and others in order to stay safe going forward.

Wayne’s representative says that the international artist is currently resting.

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Losing bidder filed injunction before the district court on Nevada Medicaid dental contract

Ofelia Adamson



Over the objections of the losing bidder, the state Board of Examiners on Tuesday, August 8, approved the $404.5 million contract to provide Medicaid dental services in the state of Nevada.

Medicaid administrator Marta Jensen told the Board of Examiners that the new contract takes dental services under Medicaid in a new management, focusing much more completely on preventive care instead of cure or reactive care to dental dilemmas. Jensen said that the contract with Liberty Dental focuses on preventive care and management of care for the dental patients in Nevada.

Paul Georgeson of McDonald Carano, representing the Delta Dental, urged the Board of Examiners to hold off the approval of the winning bidder’s contract, pointing out that they will be filing a lawsuit in district court to block the contract and will be seeking an injunction.

Georgeson said that his client Delta Dental wasn’t treated justly and fairly during the application and review process of the contract bid; that the original request for proposal was tugged back after Delta Dental was awarded the contract back in January 2017.

The reasons given were that key components changes needed to be made to the proposed contract but Georgeson of Delta told the Board of Examiner that the actual alterations were nominal.

Governor Brian Sandoval, on the other hand, said that he was concerned about the delay that would be caused by waiting until the court battle was resolved. Gov. Sandoval added that it could take two years or more for the legal process to conclude. Sandoval was joined by board member Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske who said she too was worried about the length of time that it would take to resolve the legal battle.

Liberty Dental’s legal representative Matthew Dushoff advised approval for the same reason saying “judicial review will take, conservatively, over two years and this contract is only for two years.”

Medicaid administrator Jensen urged the board of Examiner not to delay approval of the contract.

“The benefit of this program is they manage the care,” Jensen said.

Jensen noted extending the existing contract, “I don’t think is in the best interests of our members.” She said that’s especially true for the nearly 100,000 children covered by Medicaid for whom she said preventive care is critical.

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