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NV Gov. authorizes emergency marijuana rule to increase distributor licenses

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has endorsed state regulators to consider emergency rule that would help officials regulate marijuana dispensaries.

Jullie Anne Mendoza



NV Gov. proposes emergency marijuana law to increase distributor licenses

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Since its availability for procurement on July 1st, the recreational marijuana has been in the forefront of Nevada’s latest debates among lawmakers. Just a week later, the lawmakers said they are worried that the lack of distributors in the State of Nevada will impact the ability for retail dispensaries to restock product due to sales surpassing the industries conjectures.

In an answer to the growing concern amongst industry leaders and legislators, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval endorsed an emergency marijuana supervision on behalf of the Department of Taxation’s Statement of Emergency that is scheduled to be considered for adoption on July 13 by the Nevada Tax Commission.

Under this new regulation, the agency would regulate whether enough liquor wholesalers exist to serve the marijuana distribution market.

Although a number of liquor wholesalers have requested for a distribution licenses, however, most did not meet the Department of Taxation’s requirements.

The Department of Taxation said that it will continue to work with applicable distributors who are near completion of the business.

A majority of the 47 licensed marijuana retailers said that they are running out of product inventory, several are saying a delivery of fresh product will be needed by mid-July.

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