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Online retailer tips off preorder for iPhone 9, iPhone XS, ‘iPhone XS Max Plus’ ahead of Apple event

The first online preorder listing just went live for the Apple’s 2018 iPhones — iPhone 9, iPhone Xs, and “iPhone Xs Max Plus.”

Edison Tongol



Online retailer opens preorder for iPhone XS and ‘iPhone Xs Max Plus’ Ahead Of Launch Event

Apple will introduce three new iPhones (iPhone 9, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus/ Max) and is widely speculated to open lines for preorder on September 14th across the globe. That’s because annually, Apple and its consumer electronics retailer and wireless carrier partners begin taking preorder for the newest premium smartphones form the Cupertino-based tech giant on Friday the following week after the official iPhone special launch event. But a Romanian electronics retailer has listed all still unannounced three forthcoming iPhones as available for preorder right now — the iPhone 9, iPhone XS, and “iPhone Xs Max Plus.”

From what it appears, QuickMobile is just buffering its wagers, providing what looks to be placeholder listings for all the new 2018 iPhone models and variations we expect to release this year.

The online retailer seems to have pinched an inspiration from all the leaks, speculations and rumors available over the worldwide web, with iPhone 9, iPhone Xs preorders, and — weirdly enough — “iPhone Xs Max Plus” as the product names. We earlier reported that the 6.5-inch iPhone X successor will be named iPhone Xs Max, a product name that was first reported by our friend at 9to5Mac.

Phone Xs, and ‘iPhone Xs Max Plus’ preorder

Apple iPhone Xs, and ‘iPhone Xs Max Plus’ preorder listing in Romania went live.

The preorder listings on QuickMobile only offer two colorways regardless of iPhone model, including a black and white color variants. As for storage, the LCD-equipped iPhone is available in 64GB and 256GB options. The iPhone Xs and Max Plus are both listed with a 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage variants.

As for the specs or new features, the online retailer did not provided further details, suggesting these are just placeholder listings.

What’s more intriguing is that QuickMobile lists the prices for all the three new iPhone models, even though they’re still not officially available for preorder until September 14th. It should be worth noted that all the following prices include local tax.

  • iPhone 9, 64GB model — RON 3,799.90 (roughly $951)
  • iPhone 9, 256GB model – RON 4,599.90 (roughly $1,152)
  • iPhone XS, 64GB model – RON 4,849.90 (roughly $1,214)
  • iPhone XS, 256GB model – RON 5,649.90 (roughly $1,415)
  • iPhone XS, 512GB model– RON 6,499.90 (roughly $1,627)
  • iPhone XS Max Plus, 64GB model – RON 5399.90 (roughly $1,352)
  • iPhone XS Max Plus, 256GB model – RON 6,199.90 (roughly $1,552)
  • iPhone XS Max Plus, 512GB model – RON 6,999.90 (roughly $1,752)

While it’s purely implausible that QuickMobile acquired these information from Apple this far ahead, we’ll point out that the original iPhone X retail prices in Romania were RON 5,399 for the 64GB storage variant and RON 6,299 for the 256GB model.