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Senator Dean Heller failed to please the citizens of Nevada

Edz Clarkson



Senator Dean Heller failed to please the citizens of Nevada

The people of Nevada knows that Senator Dean Heller have voted to abolish Obamacare once cuts to Medicaid came off the table.

Nevada Republican Senator Heller should have realize that Medicaid (a social health care program for families and individuals with limited resources) is a functionally poor program; just one of the many financially ill-fated privileges that our the United States federal government is failing to address.

But Senator Heller is now free to claim to be a “good person” who is looking out for Nevada’s most susceptible while also protecting the citizens from the financial madness of Obamacare.

The mere fact that our grandchildren will be left to pick up the pieces of a financially failed Medicaid of the U.S. government and other bankrupt federal entitlements, and the equally flat broke gold-plated public employee retirement plans, is seemingly a no concern to Senator Heller and his colleagues. They preside for the moment, passing out money they do not have.

And about these most vulnerable citizens of Nevada. Did they take advantage of a free public education? Did they fulfill their personal, moral responsibility to do everything possible to care for themselves? Did they hunt for employment where they would be covered by a private medical insurance? Were the Nevadans motivated to do nothing because of the ruling class informing them that their failure to succeed was someone else fault?

We need a feasible, appropriately prioritized safety net for the citizens who cannot even care for themselves. But these programs must be secure. With that being said, these programs should have to be paid for as costs are liable rather than funded by debts and Ponzi systems.