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Nearly 12-months after the release of the original version, Sony is updating its PlayStation VR headset accessory to its flagship console machine. Sony’s idea on the design of the next-generation virtual reality gear it to keep it simple. However, there will be other alterations, including an increased functionality, along with integrated stereo headphones cable wires and an upgraded processing chipset.

Sony New Updated PlayStation VR Headset 2017

It’s a change for the future, given the mere fact that the Japanese tech company has not made any modifications and enhancements since the original PlayStation VR headset was first unveiled. However, the retail price tag was dropped down slightly with the design of making the wearable device more affordable to the masses, letting video gamers enjoy the popular game titles including Robinson: The Journey and Farpoint, Superhot VR and among others.

In a blog article published on Monday, October 2nd, the company has announced that customers would easily distinguish the new PS VR headset from the predecessor because of the retail packaging. The previous generation’s model number was CUH-ZVR1, and the latest PlayStation VR headset has a model number of CUH-ZVR2.

Sony’s CUH-ZVR2 PlayStation VR headset will have a much exciting and better design as well as a slimmer connection cable wire. The wearable also features an upgraded chip to let users to enjoy HDR-compatible digital media content on a 4K Smart UHD TV without having to disconnect the CPU from the PS4 gaming console or the television.

[agg-ad id=”5121″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”5122″ align=”center”]The new PlayStation VR wearable headset has a scheduled release date on October 14 in Japanese market, but the official launch date for United States and other key markets is yet to be revealed. The PlayStation VR headset with the PlayStation Camera bundle will be available for about ¥44,980 (around $400). But for in the United States, Sony has committed to keep the bundle retail prices flat.

With the release of a new Sony PlayStation VR headset, the company is seemingly keen to remain relevant and leading on the virtual reality market. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House said to the reporters in an interview recently that the virtual reality market should be more aggressive and competitive, and that being a virtual reality front runner with a slim margin is not a very comfortable position to be in.

“With a brand new category of a market, you want a variety of platforms, all doing well to create that rising tide.”

The sales figures shows that Sony is governing the virtual reality industry and is very ahead against the competition by a significant stretch in the market. Although Sony is second to Samsung Electronics in global market share as evident of their sales figures, the former had shipped a total of 519,400 VR headset units prior to the second quarter of this year, accumulating 24.4% of the total global market share, per IDC. Facebook-owned Oculus managed to shipped a total of 246,900 units with an 11.6% market share, and HTC has 4.4% share.

Sony will mark the first anniversary of its PlayStation VR headset later this October. To mark the milestone, the firm will be launching a series of video clips celebrating the wearable VR headgear and the popular fulfillment.