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Vivo NEX Teardown Reveals Radical Components, Pop-up Camera Stepper Motor

The Vivo NEX teardown reveals it uses a vibration motor in order to produce sounds.

Ronald Delos Santos



Vivo NEX teardown 2018

The Vivo NEX was arguably the first smartphone to ship with a pop-up selfie camera setup, and that was followed by the even more premium flagship OPPO Find X. Both Oppo and Vivo are wholly-owned subsidiaries of BBK Electronics. Naturally, many are intrigued about the mobile phone and how its mechanized camera system work. Fortunately, MyFixGuide is here to give up has an extensive look into this futuristic electronic product. Many in the industry are facinated how the Chinese OEM managed to achieve incorporating a motorized slide-up camera system so let us not waste any more time and find out exactly how this works.

The teardown and repair website revealed that when they heated up the handset’s back cover, the screen display loosened up instead of the rear sheet itself. The easily display teared off by itself but the back panel had to be pulled out with a knife, which can be a very practical procedure that OEMs exerted because the repairing process could become very easy to address.

The display is quite interesting, the Vivo NEX doesn’t have the same in-display fingerprint scanner as the one found on the X21 UD. This might be because only half the screen display panel is utilized by the NEX as a fingerprint reader. In comparison, the X21 UD is equipped with in-display fingerprint sensor in just a tiny portion of the display.

Vivo Nex Teardown 2018 June 26

The Vivo NEX teardown also unearthed that the pop-up selfie camera mechanism is operated by a stepper motor. It is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. A spring is also in place but it is more of a buffer and it isn’t connected with raising and hiding the camera.

Moreover, the teardown also reveal a linear vibrator in the Vivo Nex which enables the display to make a sound. Even though the NEX is an innovative mobile phone, the teardown did discover a hiccup. The modules of the handset are more expensive than the other flagship smartphones out in the market. Additionally, it will also be hard for other OEMs to replicate the features of the Vivo NEX but they are expected to be releasing their own models sooner.