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VP Leni Robredo attends daughters’ graduation ceremonies

Proud single mother Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo attends her daughters’ back-to-back graduation ceremonies in the country and abroad.

Jullie Anne Mendoza



VP Leni Robredo attends daughters’ graduation ceremonies 2018MAY27

Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo has been busy as late filling her responsibility not for the government but as a mother to her daughters. VP Robredo and her daughters harvests the fruit of latter’s hard work in their studies.

After attending the graduation ceremony of her eldest daughter Aika Robredo at the Harvard University last week, Robredo traveld back to the Philippines to show her outpouring support for her second daughter, Tricia.

The 30-year-old Aika earned her master degree’s in public administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as an Edward S. Maison Fellow. Aika was admitted to the Masters Degree Program of the top university back in April 2017.

Aika is not the only one in the Robredo family who acquired her master’s degree from Harvard. Her father, the late Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Jesse Robredo, was an Edward S. Mason fellow and earned his Masters of Public Administration degree from the same educational institution.

On Saturday, the vice president attended the coating ceremony of Tricia as she marks her arrival into the senior year at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.

“So many reasons to celebrate. What a wonderful birthday gift to Papa,” the country’s second top official said as she congratulated Tricia.

Meanwhile, Jillian, the youngest of the Tres Marias, will get her diploma from the Philippine Science High School in June 1.

A proud mom Robredo announced that Jillian has been accepted into the top universities in the Philippines and international. Jillian passed the admissions examination of New York University and the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT).