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Walmart vs Target Black Friday 2018: Best Deals, Ad Circulars, Online Sales Rundown

Walmart Vs Target Black Friday 2018 Sales Ad Preview: The best deals on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Sony PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, large-screen UHDTVs and more.

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Walmart vs Target Black Friday Deals Ad Sneak Preview 2018 8327

Black Friday is a favorable time for savvy shoppers because it is game between major retailers and this 2018 remains the same. Each holiday season, the Black Friday deals are getting worthier and much deeper discounts. However, keeping an eye who offers the best Black Friday deals is exciting and strenuous. That’s we are we are here to compare the Black Friday sales of the major retail stores, starting with Walmart vs Target so you will know who has an edge against the other one on the biggest holiday sales event.

To project whether Walmart or Target will have better sales this year, you’ll need to review at their previous Holiday gifts offerings. The best locale to begin is taking a look at Walmart Black Friday ad and Target Black Friday ad from last year. Here are collations of their Black Friday deals on the most sought-after items. per Forbes:

Walmart vs Target: Black Friday 2018 Deals, Ad and Sales

Both these stores have antiquity in running very identical Black Friday deals every year and just updating them to the current generations of electronic products. Accordingly, Black Friday 2018 should highlight the following hottest deals from Walmart and Target:

  • Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR — Just like in the previous year, Walmart is expected to offer up to $300 Walmart Gift Card when purchasing a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Target is expected to only offering a up to $250 Gift Card with the latest iPhones.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9 — Walmart is anticipated to offer a up to $350 Walmart Gift Card when activating a new installment plan on either Galaxy S9, S9+ or Note 9. As for Target, the bullseye retailer should compete with Walmart’s promotion by matching its gift card offering with a free $300 Gift Card.
  • Sony PS4 Pro Bundle — Walmart is expected to sell a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle for only $274.99 ($125 off). Expect Target to sell the same PS4 Pro bundle at around $274.99 plus a free $25 Target gift card. That said, it makes Target the better shopping destination should you’re in the market for a new gaming console.
  • Microsoft Xbox One X Bundle — Target is expected to offer a Microsoft Xbox One X Bundle for only $399.99 topped with a $25 Target gift card. On the other side of the game, Walmart should undercut the bullseye retailer by offering an Xbox One X Bundle for just $399.99 with a $30 Walmart gift card. That said, it will make the Xbox One X net price from Walmart and Target to only $374.99 and $369.99, respectively.
  • Big-Screen 4K Smart UHD TVs — Walmart is expected to sell a 55-inch 4K Smart UHD TV for only $200 from a decent brand while Target may offer a 55-inch TV for $190 or less from a trusted brand. While Target will clearly win in terms of price value, keep an eye to the brands on offer as shelling out a little more dollars for a television might give you a much better deal.

Walmart VS Target Black Friday Ad Catalog Release Dates

Based on the historical data from the previous holiday sales season, Walmart’s Black Friday ad may be released in the midnight on Thursday, November 8th. Walmart has historically been waiting for Target make their own Black Friday ad available in the public before the former shows off its own ad. Last year, for an instance, Walmart released its advertisement at midnight of November 9th. As for 2018, Walmart’s Black Friday ad will likely be posted at 12AM on Thursday, November 8th. Target’s Black Friday ad, on the other hand, is schedule to be published in the wee hours of Monday, November 5th. For this year, Walmart and Target will likely adopt the same strategies from the past holiday season with some improvements. Expect an Target and Walmart Black Friday ad flyer to slightly comprise of over 30 pages featured packed with the in-demand tech deals, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, 4K Smart Ultra HDTVs, laptops, Apple Watch, iPad, Sony PS4 Pro, Microsoft Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Walmart Vs Target Black Friday Online and In-Store Shopping Hours

There’s a saying “History Repeats Itself,” which is specially true for Black Friday as both Walmart and Target to start their sales at 6PM on Turkey Day again. Walmart location stores are expected to remain open overnight. Target is truly a dark horse in this game and may try to sabotage Walmart directly this Black Friday 2018 sales or stick to its usual tradition and close down for a several hours on the morning of Black Friday proper.


Free Shipping

While many major retailer including Target are waiving the shipping charges on all orders. Walmart is outside the picture to follow the trend in the Black Friday. Walmart will offer free two-day shipping on order $35 and more. Its rival Target alongside Best Buy are will offer free shipping with no minimum purchased needed throughout the holiday season.